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Autumn at Cara d'Or
When the days get colder, the life becomes more relaxed which is why at Cara d’Or we have a more sensual product for you to join you during this time.

Here is a little preview of what to expect during the smooth weeks of Autumn. You can already be excited to have a first glance what to expect from Cara d ‘Or Autumn.
The relaxing flavour of Cara d’Or Autumn will enrich your skin with the smooth and calm senses of Autumn.

Enjoy Autumn to the full extend with Cara d’Or Autumn shower gel. Refresh and hydrate your skin with a little a splash of Autumn.
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Our poem of this Autumn:
When the days get shorter
and the evenings are finally colder
we enjoy the lovely time together.
Do you want to become our poet for a season and have your poem printed on the bottle?

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