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Our development team of the unique Cara d’Or products includes professionals from Germany, who were responsible for the ingredients, design and the management.

Along with our well-experienced manufacturer and our supplier of the unique perfume oil, we assure that the Cara d’Or shower gel meets all expectations of a high quality product.
The shower gel is especially designed to enrich your mental and spiritual state triggered by the actual season.

The stimulating shower gel, with a long lasting scent of beautiful flowers provides gentle skin care and helps you to find your zen state of mind.
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All Cara d'Or shower gels come with a special moisturiser solution to provide intensive care for your skin.
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The products of Cara d'Or are based on key ingredients engineered in Germany. The product is produced in India using the finest material and state-of-the-art equipment. Cara d'Or regularly assess products and production processes.